Wrap & Pack Guide


Follow our packing guide below to ensure your printer makes it to our facilities safely.

Step 1

Upon receiving the requested custom box, please inspect its contents. Along with the box, you should receive a plastic bag for the toner, a roll of tape, sheets of bubble wrap, printed return options, and a return shipping label. You should also have two extra sheets of bubble wrap to use to secure the printer snug later.

Step 2

Line 24 pieces of bubble wrap across the bottom and sides of the provided box. Place 12 in one direction and 12 in the other creating a large plus sign. You will also have extra bubble wrap sheets to use later.

Step 3

Measure and assemble a large box deep enough to accommodate the laser printer. Ensure that the box has no visible damage on the outside. All existing labels, markings and graphics should be blacked out or removed.

Step 4

Place the printer on a flat surface. Open the printer and carefully remove the toner cartridge and place it in a separate bag. All laser printers should have toner removed an packaged separately prior to shipping.

Step 5

Carefully slide the laser printer into the box, until it reaches the bottom. Fold in the excess bubble wrap. Add the toner and power cable into the box.

Step 6

Use additional bubble wrap to ensure that nothing inside the package will be moving while it’s in transit. The fit of all components inside the box should be snug.

Step 7

Seal the box with provided tape. Once the box is secure, take the provided return shipping label and place it over the existing shipping label on the box. It is important that no part of the previous shipping label is visible.

Step 8

Your box is ready to be shipped! Use the return options on the sheet included in your package to either schedule a pickup or find a drop-off location.


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