Designed for maximum flexibility.

Box Program

Our Box Program was built to help remote workers safely and securely dispose of out-of-use IT in an easy, stress-free way.

The program is simple:

Step 1

The customer provides EPC with a list of equipment that needs custom boxes, along with locations.

Step 2

EPC sends empty boxes with packing materials, return labels and instructions to each location.

Step 3

Your employees follow instructions to pack equipment and set up a pick-up time or drop-off with a carrier.

Step 4

Items are shipped back to an EPC facility and processed in accordance with your requirements.

Packing Guides

In order to protect your equipment EPC has created the following guides to help ensure a safe return while in transit.

Packed and ready to ship?

Choose your carrier for detailed options on how to return equipment.

Need assistance?

We’re happy to help!

The Box Program is designed for desktops, monitors, laptops and printers, but can be easily adapted for other equipment as well. Contact us to create a custom solution for your organization.