EPC, Inc. Introduces Solid-State Drive (SSD) Destruction Services

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June 08, 2021 / Jeff Michel

EPC, Inc., one of the world’s largest IT asset disposition (ITAD) providers, recently expanded its comprehensive data destruction services to include on-site, National Security Agency (NSA)-compliant SSD disintegration. SSD data storage creates a greater risk for improper destruction practices due to the small chips on SSD circuitry boards. Therefore, to properly disintegrate SSDs, EPC has designed and built a proprietary process to meet this new data security risk. EPC’s SSD disintegrators are compact and self-contained, allowing them to freely move from project-to-project. These specially-engineered disintegrators shred SSDs to a size smaller than the NSA standard of 2mm particles, essentially turning sensitive data into dust.

The new SSD disintegrators complement EPC’s existing fleet of Data Destruction and Recycling Vehicles (DDRVs) that are built to shred larger platter-based HDDs and other data-containing devices up to two inches thick. Each DDRV can hold two SSD disintegrators to sit alongside the hard drive shredding units. One SSD disintegrator can safely and securely destroy 80-100 drives per hour.

EPC’s revolutionary SSD disintegration technology is specifically designed to destroy circuitry-based storage and will significantly reduce data breach risks, identity theft and financial liabilities. EPC’s DDRV and SSD disintegration services help protect the reputation of their customers across all industries, but specifically those with the highest security protocols. With 10 SSD disintegrators currently in use and five in production, this service is available throughout the United States, with capabilities in Europe, Mexico and Latin America coming soon.

Similar to EPC’s DDRV hard drive shredding process, serial numbers are digitally recorded for each SSD destroyed. The process is captured on video and Certificates of Destruction are available online by serial number.

“With the expanded use of SSDs in the marketplace, our team predicted the need for more advanced shredding capabilities on end-of-use storage devices,” said Dan Fuller, president of EPC. “There is a common misconception that simply shredding SSDs in the same fashion as HDDs is acceptable. The truth is, it’s not. Chips from SSDs can easily fall through the cracks on standard HDD shredders and that means data is retrievable. Our team developed a solution to ensure that any SSD entering our disintegrator would result in the smallest residual size possible.”

Since launching the first disintegrator in October 2020, EPC has performed more than 100 shredding projects across the United States, destroying tens of thousands of SSDs.

Watch and learn more about the differences between SSD and HDD technology and how EPC’s disintegrator turns data into dust.

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