What is e-Stewards Certification?

June 26, 2024

If you have ever researched an ITAD company and their certifications, you may have come across e-Stewards. But what is this certification and what does it mean for an organization to have it?

e-Stewards certification is a globally recognized standard for the responsible recycling and reuse of electronic equipment. Developed by the Basel Action Network (BAN), an NGO non-profit named for the 1989 UN Basel Convention which restricts the trade of hazardous waste, it aims to ensure that electronic waste (e-waste) is managed in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner. The e-Stewards standard focuses on preventing the export of hazardous e-waste to developing countries, promoting safe and sustainable recycling practices, and ensuring the protection of worker health and data security.

Key Objectives of e-Stewards Certification include:

Environmental Protection:

  • Prevent the export of hazardous e-waste to developing countries.
  • Ensure environmentally responsible recycling and disposal of electronic equipment.

Worker Health and Safety:

  • Protect workers from the dangers associated with handling electronic waste.
  • Implement rigorous health and safety protocols.

Data Security:

  • Guarantee the secure destruction of data contained in electronic devices.
  • Implement comprehensive data security measures to protect sensitive information.

Ethical Practices:

  • Promote ethical business practices within the electronics recycling industry.

e-Stewards certification is a rigorous standard that ensures electronics recyclers manage e-waste responsibly, protecting the environment, ensuring data security, and safeguarding worker health and safety. Achieving this certification involves careful planning, implementation, and continuous improvement to meet and maintain the high standards set by BAN.

As a e-Stewards certified organization, EPC strives to meet each of the key objectives on a daily basis. We understand the importance of proper certification as well as protecting the communities that we live and work in. Learn more about EPC’s dedication to proper electronics recycling check out: Recycling – EPC (epcglobalsolutions.com) or for more information on our other certifications, visit: Certifications – EPC (epcglobalsolutions.com).

To learn about EPC’s success with e-Stewards, visit: EPC “Caught doing the right thing” – EPC (epcglobalsolutions.com)

More information on e-Stewards can be found here: Home Page for the e-Stewards Certification