EPC, Inc. Expands Box Program to Give COVID-19 Relief

Company News
December 16, 2020 / Casey Link

EPC, Inc., one of the world’s largest global IT asset disposition (ITAD) providers, has recently expanded our IT disposal program aimed to help organizations experiencing a transitional workforce due to COVID-19. With many employees now working from home or remotely for months, the need for creative and safe IT disposal is a high priority for organizations around the country.

EPC’s Box Program is designed to help remote workers safely and securely dispose of decomissioned IT. The customer simply provides EPC with a list of equipment and locations. EPC then ships empty custom-made boxes with packing materials, a return label and instructions to each location. The remote employee follows packing instructions then either informs the carrier when the package will be ready or simply drops it off at FedEx, UPS, etc.

“Our team has been working hard to deliver creative IT disposal solutions that help alleviate our customers’ stress during the pandemic,” said Dan Fuller, President of EPC. “Our new Box Program is agile, flexible and customizable. Several customers have told us it has really helped take the burden of IT disposal off their employees working from home.”

EPC’s box program is simple:

  1. Customer provides EPC with a list of equipment and locations.
  2. EPC sends out empty boxes with packing materials, return label, and instructions to each location.
  3. Client’s employee follows instructions to pack up equipment and sets up aa pickup/dropoff for the return.
  4. Items are shipped back to EPC facility and processed in accordance to clients specific requirements.

Once items are received at EPC, all hard drives are sanitized according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The hard drives are then wiped clean of all data in our facility. Organizations can then choose to have their equipment redeployed if needed. All other equipment is either remarketed through various sales channels or properly recycled.

“We’ve developed specialty packaging processes that, combined with our custom boxes, promotes best in industry practices to protect the fair market value of the returning assets,” said Debbie Heacock, Logistics Manager. “Along with ease of use, our main goal is to ensure our customers’ security protocols are met in the same fashion as our traditional disposal programs.”

EPC’s Box Program is designed for desktops, monitors, laptops and printers, but can be easily adapted for other equipment as well. Organizations with remote offices located around the U.S. will also benefit throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Because EPC, Inc. is one of the world’s largest global ITAD providers, organizations around the world turn to EPC for customized, secure IT disposal solutions to help them achieve sustainability goals and contribute to the circular economy. Our certified data security, remarketing and recycling processes follow all local, national and international laws and adhere to the strictest policies. Our mission is to provide organizations around the world with a premium, flexible and secure strategy for sustainable IT disposal that delivers real return on their technology investment. Learn more at www.epcusa.com/boxprogram.